The Hotel Crash Pad Network: We Make Your Commute Suck Less

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NYC 2 Location Flexi Pad Pass


~ $250 additional annual fee for access to pads at two airports (JFK/LGA, LGA/EWR, or EWR/JFK); $500 additional annual fee for access to pads at all three airports (JFK, LGA and EWR)

By virtue of our Network structure, our clients will have the option of using our other NYC network pads in the event that they have trips or Reserve duty at an airport other than their designated primary crash pad airport. For example if you designate and pay for access to our LGA pad as your primary pad location, but you happen to be assigned to fly a trip or sit Reserve at JFK, you will be allowed to use our JFK pad in lieu of the LGA pad for the trip or Reserve period. The same would go for EWR once we have pads established there. This option will be available for an additional yearly payment of $250 per alternate airport (so an additional annual fee of $250 total for use of pads at two designated airports, or $500 total for use of pads at all three airports).