The Hotel Crash Pad Network: We Make Your Commute Suck Less


How do I sign up?

Select the "Become a Member" button which is located at the bottom of every page. This will take you to the sign up page. Inside the "Register" form enter in your account credentials (Username, Email, and Password). Doing so will send an email to the supplied email address containing a link to an application. Fill out and submit the application. We will review the application. If accepted you will receive an acceptance email and will be able to log in and purchase your subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription? And by what date?

You can cancel your subscription on the "My Account" page under the "Subscriptions" tab. You must do so before the 27th of the month. Failure to do so will result in your card being charged once auto pay rolls through. To be eligible for a security deposit refund you must notify us of this cancellation by the 15th of your last month.

How do I change my subscription or pad location?

When switching within a subscription tier you can switch from in the "Subscriptions" tab on the "My Account" page. What does it mean to switch within a subscription tier? Switching within a tier means to change the amount of days within the given tier. For example, upgrading from 2-Night Part-Time to 3-Night Part-Time or from Lineholder to Reserve or from 10-Night Drop-In to 15-Night Drop-In, etc.

You can change access tiers from month to month by canceling your current subscription on your "My Account" page on the website and purchasing a new subscription for the new tier you want. When switching between subscription tiers you will have to cancel your current subscription and purchase your new one using the coupon code NETWORKMEMBER. This will set your initial payment to $0 and set your new rate for the following month to be auto-drafted on your card on the 27th day of the current month. You can cancel your subscription on the "Subscriptions" tab on the "My Account" page. Failing to cancel your previous subscription before the 27th of the month will result in your being charged for both your old and new subscription (if you are ever incorrectly double-charged, we will of course refund the improper charges, but we would prefer to avoid it happening in the first place). When purchasing Lineholder or Reserve tier subscriptions, make sure you keep your scheduled start date as the current month.

Switching subscriptions must be done before the 27th day of the month. This is so you are properly charged for your subscription for the following month.

When does my payment come out?

You are charged the 27th of every month. Payments will hit around 2 AM CST.

How do I change my payment information?

This can be done on the "Subscriptions" tab of the "My Account" page. You will see a button under your current active subscription that says "Change payment".

How do I view my account/subscription?

This can be done on the "Subscriptions" tab of the "My Account" page. You will find all the information pertaining to your account in the "My Account" page.

What services and amenities are included for me when I pay for one of your Hotel Crash Pads?

Our Hotel Crash Pads are an “all-inclusive” offering. “All-inclusive” in this sense means that our clients are entitled to the same services and amenities as a regular hotel guest. You can expect the following at a minimum: 
- Airport transportation
- Housekeeping service by the hotel staff
- A bed to sleep in every night/day that you need to stay (up to the advertised monthly limit of your access tier)
- Any and all other hotel services and amenities advertised on the hotel's website or other marketing materials


How can I pay for the crash pad?

Using a credit card via our website payment portal.

When I make a payment, does my access start immediately and run for 30 days from that point before my next payment is due, or is it on a calendar-month schedule?

Our payment periods run in conjunction with the calendar month, from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Your payment guarantees you access to the crash pad during the calendar month in question, up to the limits established for your paid level of access (your access tier — “Reserve”, “Lineholder”, “Part-Time”, or “Drop-In”). The initial payment for a particular pad is set at a reduced flat amount regardless of initial access tier, so any applicable partial-month proration for a mid-month start is already effectively applied, regardless of when your access to the pad actually begins. Your first month’s payment consists of the reduced flat-rate Access Fee applicable to the specific pad, plus the $50 Network Membership fee (a one-time-only fee paid by all new members that never repeats — even if you leave the pad and return at a later date), plus the refundable Security Deposit. If your access starts at mid-month, your next full month’s Access Fee payment for the following month is due by the last day of the current month, and is payable only by auto-pay via our website credit card payment portal.

Are these crash pads in private, single-occupancy hotel rooms?

No. Although our pads are situated in hotel rooms, they are  still crash pads, and like almost all other airline-industry crash pads, the rooms are configured for multiple-member shared occupancy, with either bunk beds, individual twin beds, or a combination of the two.

What if I change my mind after I pay and decide not to go forward with the crash pad? What if I end up not needing or not using the pad for the month? Do I get my money back?

Please understand that as a corporate policy we are not able to honor requests for refund of any portion of your monthly fees in the event that you decide not to occupy the pad for any period of time due to unanticipated staffing reductions, changes in your schedule, FMLA, OJI, emergencies, “changes of heart”, or any other issue, and we are also not able to apply any current-month payment to any future month in the event you don’t use the pad during the month for some reason, either entirely or partially. When you secure a spot in our pad for the month, you are being given access to it in favor of any number of other prospective occupants who would have been willing to pay for the full month’s access to the pad. By the time you might request a partial-month refund or credit for some exigent matter, that other person is typically already committed to some other lodging option, and we are therefore unable to recover the lost revenue for the month, in addition to the fact that that other person has been denied access to the most sought-after crash pad in the market due to your having claimed the spot under a promise to pay for it. As with any airline industry crash pad, you secure access to a spot in our pad for the month by virtue of your monthly payment, with the understanding and acknowledgement that in so doing you accept the fact that you might not end up needing the pad as much as anticipated. This is an accepted “occupational risk” of employment in the airline industry with respect to crash pads, and in this sense our pad is no different from any other pad in functional terms. We appreciate your recognition and understanding of this fact.

How do I get my deposit back?

Your security deposit is fully refundable as long as you notify us of your intent to vacate the pad no later than the 15th day of your final month of use of the pad, and as long as you have not been found in violation of any of our pad policies and rules. EXAMPLE: It’s November, and you decide that beginning in December you no longer want or need to have access to the pad; in order to recover your deposit, you will have to notify us in writing of your intent to vacate the pad no later than November 15th. Assuming there have been no violations of the terms of your Access Agreement and Client Guide, you are eligible to have your deposit refunded after the end of your final month of access. All deposit refunds are provided after the end of the final month of occupancy.

Please send an email to [email protected] after the end of your final month of access requesting the deposit refund and we will process the refund as a credit to the card on file in your online profile.

How do I get paid for a referral?

Email us at [email protected], letting us know of the individual you referred and the pad they were referred to. When they purchase a subscription we'll send the $100 referral credit to you in the form of a refund on your most recent payment.

What happens if I show up to use the crash pad and there’s not a bed available for me?

If you ever show up to use the pad and it’s full (no open beds available in the pad), our guarantee is that the hotel will accommodate you in another room for the night at our expense, either in the hotel that hosts the crash pad or in another property in the area.

Can I use your crash pads in other locations besides the main one I sign up for?

Yes. One of the key benefits of our network structure is that as a Network member, you have the option of using our pads in other cities for out-of-base trip pick-ups or Reserve periods. You’ll just need to notify us ahead of time of your desire to use this benefit so we can get you added to the access lists at the appropriate pads.

Do I have to be an airline employee to use your Hotel Crash Pads?


Do I have to bring my own bed linens and towels?

No. All bed linens, towels, and toiletries are provided by the hotel, just as in a normal hotel room stay.

Do I have to tell you my schedule in advance or make a reservation ahead of time?

No. Just like in a traditional, non-hotel crash pad situation, you just show up and use the pad whenever you need to (up to the stated monthly limits associated with your paid access tier). You never need to, nor should you, notify anyone in advance or make a reservation for a specific date. When your Access Fee for the month is auto-paid via our website credit card payment portal, your name is automatically added to the access list and it’s sent to the hotel via email, so whenever you show up to use the pad, the front desk is able to verify your right to access the pad by reference to your airline ID and your name on the list.

Can I bring my pet or emotional support / service animal with me to the pad?

No. No animals of any kind — not even ESAs or service animals — are ever permitted in the pad, in accordance with HCPN company policy and hotel policies pertaining to unrelated occupants. This is an absolute, non-negotiable rule.

What are the monthly limits on my use of the crash pad? How do I know how much to pay every month?

Your maximum monthly usage limits are based on the access tier you pay for, as follows:
- “Reserve” access tier: 18 days/nights in a calendar month

- “Lineholder” access tier: 10 days/nights in a calendar month

- “Part-Time” access tier: 5 days/nights in a calendar month (you can opt to switch to this access level after at least one month of standard Reserve or Lineholder access)

- “Drop-In” access tier (an annual access limit): Either 10 or 15 days/nights in a 365-day period

You pay for what you need each month, subject to available slots for each access tier in coordination with HCPN management. You pay the “Reserve” rate for the month if you will need more than 10 days/nights of access (up to the absolute maximum limit of 18); you pay the “Lineholder” rate if you will need more than 5 days/nights, but no more than 10; and if you will only need 1 to 5 days/nights, then you pay the appropriate “Part-Time” rate, which is a daily rate multiplied by the number of days/nights you will need for the month — again, up to the maximum limit of 5. You can switch between tiers from month to month based on your changing monthly schedule needs, dependent upon availability of spots within the various access tiers.

I only need a few nights each month — can I just start at the Part-Time or Drop-In access level?

No, all new members start at the same flat first-month rate, regardless of initial access needs. After at least one month of membership, you can switch to the Part-Time tier if you’d like, and after at least three months at the Reserve, Lineholder, or Part-Time tier, you can opt for the annual Drop-In access level if you’d like.

Can I leave my stuff in the crash pad when I’m not in town?

No. There are numerous advantages to the hotel environment of our crash pads, but the physical space limitations of the hotel suites preclude the option of leaving your personal belongings behind when you depart. You may of course keep your things in the room when you are actually staying in the pad, and you may also leave them in the room if you are just going out to do something in the local area, such as exercise, dine out, shop, etc., but you are absolutely required to take all your belongings with you every time you depart to fly a trip of any length or nature, to go to the airport to sit Airport Ready Reserve, or to commute home or depart the local area for any other reason. Your belongings cannot ever be left in the room if you’re leaving the local area, or if you’re subject to potentially doing so, as in the case of Airport Ready Reserve.

How can I sign up for a waitlist when a pad is full?

After selecting the "Subscription Tier" when purchasing a subcription the stock level will appear below the price. If the stock value reads "Out of stock" then no spots in the pad are available for the current month. To join a waitlist to be notified of an available spot select the blue button that reads "Join Waitlist". 

When a spot becomes available everyone on the list will be notified. After that it is first come first serve. 

How can I tell where I stand on the waiting list to get into a crash pad?

There is no order to the waiting list. When a spot opens up everyone on the waiting list is notified. After that it is first come first serve.

Is there a number I can call to ask questions?

We do not have 24-hour availability by phone. Your first step should always be to click on the tab on our website for the city you’re interested in and read the full pad description provided for that pad. If you have any questions that aren’t answered by that, please email [email protected] Please remember that we have hundreds of clients in dozens of crash pads in various cities around the country, so always specify the city you’re inquiring about when you email us.